Just how do I make radio work for my business?

Advertising your products and/or services using radio as a medium is a very intelligent choice...but which radio station or stations should be chosen.  How frequent does your commercial or series of different ads need to play "on-air" per day and/or week and what is your "message" or "directive" (call to action) that you want heard by listeners?

More than ever before your business is faced with tough challenges.  Your cost of doing business is increasing ...competition within the marketplace is tightening ...profits are becoming more difficult to generate, and your vendors are providing less and less marketing support.  Customers have grown more cautious of how and where they invest their money.

Then, of course, there are "advertising issues".  Do people read the newspaper much anymore?  Which of your customers watch television and which shows do they tune-in and how often?  Is advertising on cable TV a wise investment?  Are the yellow pages an effective use of your ad budget?  Do people actually respond to outdoor ads?  Is direct mail response really only 1-2 percent?  Thomas Media Group will help you to understand and evaluate the basic strengths of each medium, including over-the-air broadcast radio.  The best decisions are informed - intelligent choices on which medium or combination of media offers the best solutions to your sales and marketing challenges.

Radio can support and enhance your current advertising program either by itself or by incorporating it into a broader, integrated media strategy.

Every advertising or marketing dollar you invest needs to designed to produce results by bringing potential and returning customers to your door.  Undoubtedly you have many questions to ask and many factors to weigh.

It's not as easy as some would like you to think...that's where years of experience becomes a benefit in determining a strategy that produces positive results.

Now, it's no secret that some radio stations fail to present a "listener friendly" environment to where your commercial is "showcased" for maximum exposure.  One can simply listen in and wonder "...is there anyone still tuned-in to radio station "XYZ" when they play upwards to 7 commercials in-a-row?  This in addition to other "on-air" features that can often lead into a cluster of commercials about to be played in sequence.  After about the 3rd to 4th commercial, that is played back-to back...the majority of radio listeners will "punch out" to their 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice of radio stations...or worse yet for stations...they'll just simply turn it off.  So what happens to your commercial that you have paid "good $$" for when it gets scheduled to play towards the end of a "cluster" of commercials on radio station "XYZ"?  You guessed it....not much in the way of positive results for you! 

Rather then just purchasing what is commonly referred to as "ROS" (Run of Station or Run of Schedule) or BTA (Best Time Available) placement, or "Bulk Packages"....where the "average spot rate" looks quite attractive compared to "Rate Card" rates ....it is more important to the success of the $$ you are investing in radio advertising with "where and when" your commercials are going to play "on-air".   Sure, it's OK to purchase ROS schedules but only if you "pay attention" to the details of what you have purchased, henceforth, what percentage of the total schedule will air which days and between what hours of the day.  Yes....there are intelligent methods to purchasing air-time on radio stations and that's where experienced "broadcast" media recommendations can be a major help to you.

Make the move to increasing the effectiveness of your radio advertising $$!  Contact Steve Thomas at 603-312-5610 or use the following email address (sthomas@thomasmediagroup.com) to send an email message requesting contact.  Get on the right track to maximizing the $$ you are investing in radio advertising!


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